We at Triad Financial Group feel that communication with our clients is of the utmost importance.  Check back often to see what is going on with the Team.  Also, make sure you check out the Events Page to see what's on the calendar or for informaton from prior workshops.
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Tired of all the mail you get these days?  Looking for ways to help cut back on the amount of paper being used on a daily basis?  Here at Triad Financial, part of LPL, we have a couple ways for you to do your part.  You can combine your statements into one even if you have multiple accounts.  Also, you can stop receiving paper statements and view everything online.  Your accounts can be accessed by clicking on your advisors name below.  To help further clarify, see the blow letters explaingin the benefits of each.  There is also a how to guide for going electronic with your statements in case you forget how or just want to jump in for that option.
Combined Statements Letter
Paperless Statements Letter
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Take a look at some of these great articles.  We have information to help you stay up to date on market events, as well as resources for you, no matter what your financial situation is.  As always, if you have any questions that come to mind from reading these, just call the office to have your questions answered!

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Information on Your Meeting with an Advisor
Initial Meeting: So you have made an appointment with one of the financial advisors at Triad Financial Group - what now?  It can be a little intimidating meeting with a financial advisor for the first time.  To ease some of your concerns, here is what you can expect from that first meeting.  It is an informal meeting to make sure both you and the advisor feel comfortable working together.  The topics discussed at the meeting will include the following:
   - Introductions
   - Goals & Objectives
   - Approach to reaching the goals
   - Compensation
All of this is to ensure that all parties are comfortable with the working relationship.

Annual Review:  It's time for your annual investment review!  To make sure all of us are prepared, click here to see a sample agenda that shows all the potential topics that may come up.  Obviously, if any of these don't apply to your situation, they will not be discussed.  On the flip side, if something is of importance to you, make sure you bring it up during the review!  Hope this helps make the process more appealing!